open your eyes, heart, mind,
and soul to your true self

The source of spiritual happiness lies in our perspective;
A change in point of view is powerful enough to change reality entirely.

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An insightful and eye-opening session that would transform your perspective and give you the solution and direction you seek for your current predicament.

Couples Conseling

An Empowering session design for couples who wish to understand their connection in-depth; the reasons behind the challenges and crises, and ultimately learn how to be happier in the relationship.  

An accurate and detailed psychic reading delivered by email that provides you with guidance and practical advice on your most urgent issues.

About Nadav Spiritual guidance

Nadav is a spiritual life coach for the past 10 years. He has an enduring experience in guiding people through various techniques such as Astrology, Tarot cards, healing and more. With a strong foundation in modern therapy and the help of methods originated in the ancient world - he connects with your energy to deliver supportive and empowering messages.


“I feel a great desire to recommend a consultant and therapist as a psycho-astrologer. From the experience of several sessions, I can share: The encounter with Nadav always reinforces shaky and insecure emotions – I took several sessions with him and always received both practical and spiritual tools that go with me in my day-to-day activities. He helps me reveal the deep patterns that I wish to let go. “

shay govhary

Nadav has got definitely a powerful and natural talent that I’ve never experienced before. At first I was skeptical but his words and gentle approach helped me find and open new paths and perspectives in life that I’ve never thought before. He has got this unique energy and that helps a lot. I would not hesitate to recommend him so anyone can experience one of these uplifting readings. Thank you!

Helio rodriguez

I am a repeat customer of Nadav’s. I have found him to be one of the most kind and insightful people I have had the pleasure of coming across and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting guidance in any area of their life. I was very impressed with how spot on he was with everything. I felt that he understood me better than most people. Without me giving anything away, he picked up on exactly who I am and what situations I was experiencing and gave great advice with how to move forward. Amazingly intuitive, very kind and smart guy. Can not recommend enough.

Miryam Halfon

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