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Since I published the article about the phenomenon called Twin Flames and Souls Mates, In which I describe the personal story of Michal and myself, and of other couples who have had similar experiences (link to article: ) I was approached by dozens of people with dramatic love stories that were eager to get a higher perspective on their relationship.

I struggled for while with the feeling that something was missing in these consultations; a significant voice that is my other half – Michal, my life partner, Who is in her way brings feminine wisdom to the field of relationships, with more than 20 years of experience in counseling and guidance.

The way we perceive it, couples counseling that represents both masculine and feminine energies is complete and more compelling.  
Therefore, we decided To join forces and lead our consultations through the knowledge that brought us together, which is Psycho-Astrology, along with many other tools for self-awareness while relying, of course, on the experience gathered in our journey as a couple.

We offer counseling and guidance to couples who want to learn themselves through their relationship, Understand the cause for repeated crisis and communication barriers, and to get practical tools on how to lead these challenges to increase intimacy and happiness in the relationships.

In the session, we rely on personal and composite charts (a chart that represents the relationship itself), while using coaching techniques we collected throughout many years of spiritual inquiry – Together and separately, to succeed in maintaining a loving and enriching relationship. We will be happy to meet with you and give you all our knowledge in the field And support your marital process that can often be difficult and painful.

What should you expect from the session? 
– You will receive a reading of your natal and composite charts to get an objective observation on the nature of the relationship. 
– We will discuss your points of connection and strength in the face of shared wounds, emotional and karmic healing. 
– You will learn how to work harmoniously with the forces that drive both sides to shift perspective to improve the current dialogue. 
–  You will learn practical and proved methods for resolving conflicts and crises in the relationships. 
– You will receive guidance in your jointed path and the special role you constitute  for each other
– Masculine determination and feminine devotion – spiritual development through relationships.
If you are at a crossroads, a dilemma or crisis in the relationship, We will be happy to help you solve the loop and direct you to a place that is empowering and conscious.



$111- 90-minute session .


$300 – 3 x 90-minute sessions over 3 months (or schedule at the intervals that work best for you )


$1250 – 12 x 90-minute sessions over 12 months (or intervals that work best for you). 

We are currently booking two to three weeks in advance for sessions.

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