Do you want to heal?

We may seek the guidance of different healers, but even the best healer in the world can't help a person who doesn't wish to improve himself. Often, the illness or the feelings of being stuck or unhappy serves us something. It is for us to figure out what's behind our patterns. We could use the guidance of a therapist, as long as we take full responsibility for the change we endeavour

Not all the people who seek healing want to be healed.

They tell themselves and the therapist they do, but their subconscious is the one calling the shots. It could be a physical illness they suffer from or any predicament that prevents them from being happy.

Our defense mechanism is so powerful that it can block or resist any new knowledge that might help us heal.

One manifestation of this mechanism is the constant search for the “know-it-all” figure who can rescue us and resolve our issues, preferably in a blick of an eye. The consultant seems to be eager to “fix” his problem but has no real desire to make any effort for it; he wants the healer or therapist to do everything for him.

Many times this pattern has to do with an absence (physical or emotional) of one of the parents, or both during childhood. That loss, if it hadn’t been brought to awareness and dealt with appropriately, later on, will cause difficulties in relationships and the general sense of self-value.

Depending on the culture and tradition the person grew up in that will also determine the way in which he will internalize his lack of a paternal figure. In religious cultures, he will probably replace the missing parent with a divine entity, from whom he could receive the unconditional love he lacks.

In other cases, he might project his need on different psychics or healers that provide with the answers and guidance he asks.

That is all well and good, belief is a beautiful antidote for many kinds of dispositions in life. However, when the search becomes chronic, it means the person has seized to take responsibility for his recovery. Then, if he genuinely wants to get better and solve his issues, he must confront his past and deal with the pain that connects with it. Nobody could heal us except ourselves.

It’s a precious gift to have some spiritual faith in something bigger than ourselves, to be humble and respect this incredible universe in which we live. However, at the same time, we must make sure we understand our roll in the game of life where each person is a reflection of the entire universe and the creator of all things in his reality. We are merely a grain of sand, but this grain contains the knowledge of all the oceans on the planet.

The first step to restore the balance will be to retrieving back to ourselves and finding our center that knows best.

The second step will be taking responsibility for our condition, realizing that it’s our emotional state that creates our reality.

The third step will be to focus on the state we wish to be in and immerse ourselves in it, even it feels fake in the beginning. Then, observe how reality shifts in front of our eyes.

“All things come and go, but I will never perish.” N.N

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