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Channelling through writing

While my preferred method of guidance is in person, I do understand that this cannot always be done. As such, I started to conduct readings through writing a few years back and something wonderful happened — the readings were accurate and the words used started to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

As this worked so well and resulted in so much positive feedback, I decided to continue this form of engagement. How it works is that I tap into the person’s energy, feeling their distress and frustrations. I then channel the information into words and back up the diagnosis with Tarot and natal charts if needed for assurance, and then report back to the person through writing.

The reading is a guide and a suggestion from a higher source.

 The reading will clarify hidden layers and obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your inner desire, and give you a profound insight into your predicament.

 It’s also important to emphasize that the reading is not about “good news” vs “bad news”. It is more about a broader and brighter perspective regarding your question. Hopefully the message will push you in the right direction where you can feel lighter, making it much easier for you to arrive at a decision. 

So try to formulate your question knowing that the future is unknown and always changing. With this in mind, I will examine trends and potentials, and find out, for example, the right thing for you to focus on or how to address the challenges that you face. If you are unsure how to form your question, write to me and I will help guide your precision.

I am still amazed by the power of the text to influence and make a difference in someone’s life. My written readings answer a specific question while elaborating on significant burning issues.  

You will get a detailed, accurate and profound email concerning your situation at hand while examining the necessary life lessons that are influencing your life at any given moment. 

Customers reviews

Nadav is kind and truly gifted! Reading was delivered on time and very in depth and insightful! Thanks again for the reading - I really appreciate it.
Jonathan prem
Thank you once again for an amazing reading! So far very accurate and resonates well. His reading go deeper then my question and unfold many layers that is connecting with my life. Nadav is given me so much clarity and guidance I feel blessed to have find him!
Stephany Smith
Excellent customer service! Fast response and very professional and knowledgeable person. Awesome reading along with sound advice, thanks a lot.
Nora Williams


You may choose between a one-question reading, 3-questions or 5-questions.  

35$- One-Question Reading. 

85$- 3-Question Reading.

145$- 5-Questioned Reading.

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