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 We are searching to solve an obvious and urgent problem in our lives. However, if we dig in, we find out that the root of our condition is much more profound. We can blame the circumstances, but it won't do us any good. We must reconnect with our center to gain balance and solve the issue.

A consultant was asking my advice regarding her financial situation.

She was going into debts that grew bigger and bigger. I scanned her energy and saw that she was thrown off her center completely, absorbing influence from everything and everyone around her.

It made sense because she was talking about casting spells and blockages that prevent her from improving her cash flow.

She went from one healer to the next, hoping for a miracle. I explained to her that her state was, in fact, the cause for her loop, and the spells she is referring to were not some course put on her by an evil force, but rather the people around her and the various advisors that she sought out.

When we lose our ability to filter the voices around us and take it all inside, eventually we will crack.

In these cases, when our defense mechanism allows the energy around us to affect our better judgment, the best thing to do is seize all spiritual activities and face the music, hence the material reality.

That kind of inability to go inside ourselves and seek strength from within might originate from our childhood when one parent demanded our constant attention.

He probably did it without asking directly, but a sensitive child feels his parents on a telepathic level, and his survival mode urges him to fix the problem.

There are endless scenarios that could create this impossible situation; For example, the parent was sick, with a strong tendency for mood swings or abandoned by the other parent, or all the above in some cases.

The child was forced to put all his focus on the dependant parent who deprived him of the ability to develop any inner dialog.

Later on in life, the same child will search for a partner he could look after, appearing to be the adult in the relationship, but in fact, he is stuck in an infantile personality that’s taking hold of him.

Taking all that information into consideration, I advise the consultant to stop paying for different psychics and reconnect with her strength.

However, She was in such distress that the self-awareness approach was not an option. She needed a sedative.

So I wrote her a short poem as a way to reach her sub-conscious and recruit it for the healing process.

It goes like this:

The water flows
Where the rain stops
Don’t look away

I told her that if she could reflect on the poem, there is a good chance her financial trouble would be resolved.

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