Give up the struggle

All our lives we've been taught that if we want to achieve something we should strive and fight for it. However, the struggle often overcomes the pleasure, and we end up resisting the same goal we sought to achieve.

We must ask ourselves: “Could it be that our intention is not in the right place?” Or “do we demand ourselves too much in too little time?”

However, more burning questions baffle us: “Why can’t I get what I want?” Or “Why is it so hard to cut a bad habit from my life?”
Different answers are possible, but they usually don’t give us any peace as we realize that it’s our ego providing the solutions, trying to save its dignity.

No one has bothered to tell us that relaxation is the most precise action (or inaction) in the face of resistance. We are so used to responding defiance with more strength, continually retrieving to our survival mode.

It is human nature; conflicts drive us, some involve severe self-defeats, some of which appear within relationships. However, it is possible to reduce the duration of the struggle and avoid a full-fledged war against ourselves and others.

When we can’t seem to get the results we hoped for, it means we are probably trying too hard. Nothing benevolent comes from a constant and frustrating exertion. Coping with the current reality and its manifestations, on the other hand, is a sign that we are in the right direction.

Letting go of our object of desire and working on raising our frequency, will promote the change we crave effortlessly. Increase in frequency means focusing on feeling good in everyday life by doing the things that make us happy. The more we focus on all the areas that flow in our lives, the more life will bring us a solution to the blocked ones.

We must tell our ego: “I give up, I tried and did not succeed. I’m sorry”. When the ego hears such a sentence, it melts, disarms, and as a small child that did not get his way, withdraw to itself.

Do you know the feeling when you listen to a song that excites and guides you to a supreme state? When music increases the energy of your body and in a splash, your day turns from mediocre to excellent?

I experience these states numerous times during my running routine. When I am busy catching my breath and overcoming the physical challenges, and Suddenly there is a song in the earphones that elevate my mood, and in one second I find myself run faster without any effort and with tremendous pleasure.

At that moment when the music strikes a cord, it fills us with positivity, vitality, and optimism. Our day consists of countless such moments, in which we stand at a small crossroads, where we must choose to balance and relax from overexertion.

It could be with the help of music or any other uplifting instrument at our disposal at a given moment, such as friendly advice that provided us with the perspective we needed to feel relief from a specific burden we felt.

Letting go makes it possible to filter the irrelevant desires of the ego and thereby release the anxiety and hysteria associated with these goals. The distance we take from these goals will give us the opportunity to specify our hearts wishes.

A daily rise in frequency will engage the necessary change, without having to ‘break our heads’ how to implement it. Thus, we will find it easier to adhere the lifestyle we wished for ourselves; as a direct result we lose weight, stop smoking, get a job offer, get into a romantic relationship, and so on.

If we used to wander for example all the dating apps every day to the point of total exhaustion, we might now decide that we are not interested in spending so much time in this virtual search for the right partner.

By letting go of the fantasy of finding the ״one״ we increase the chances of finding the right partner. The more we become immersed in this attitude, the more life will keep on surprising us for the better. It will bring us gifts we haven’t even thought we wanted, and most likely to be much grander than the ones we hoped for all along. That is true for all aspects of life: money, work, friends, relationships, spirituality, and so on.

An in-depth inquiry will reveal that the root of our suffering and stress is in our resistance of what is. If we succeed in diving in the present moment, the right changes will start occurring as a “logical” step in our evolution.

However, what makes sense for the divine doesn’t necessarily makes sense for us, but experience proves time and time again that the divine has an inner logic that exceeds our own. The divine finds logic in its chaotic order, in its craziness. It operates out of intuition rather than from what appears to be compatible with one ideology or another.

All we have to do is connect, if only for a few moments a day, to that divine madness that exists within us. There we will discover the most outstanding order.

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