What is Spiritual Guidance and how can it help?

One-on-one counselling and guidance

Each person is unique. Yet most individuals struggle to see that distinctive self.  

Spiritual guidance offers practical methods and tailor-made advice that allows individuals to tap into that authentic self. 

After treating hundreds of people over a ten-year period, I came to the conclusion that the source of spiritual happiness lies in one’s perspective. I have seen first-hand how a change in perspective can alter one’s reality entirely. 

You may find yourself inundated with stress or anger, for example, yet without understanding your deeper self, you cannot get to the root cause of these issues. When you heal the roots, you can start to heal the entire tree. I use a mixture of esoteric, as well as modern therapeutic techniques. 

From astrology and Tarot Card readings to both modern and ancient therapeutic devices, I help you to break out of those frustrating loops. Once your eyes are open, the path to self-realization becomes clearer, where all the hidden obstacles are revealed and can finally and completely be overcome. 

“When You Change Your Perspective, You Change Reality” – Nadav Nadler

When a physical meet-up is not possible, I also provide guidance over the phone or on Skype to clients all around the globe.

The aim of each session is to provide guidance toward reconnecting with your hidden power.

No matter if you are struggling with your job, your relationship or your direction in life, finding the source of your issue will allow you to break out from the same inner conflicts that keep you from being the best version of yourself.

Types Of One-On-One Sessions

1. Compass for individuals. A focused and empowering 90 min session where we discuss the difficulties in your life. We will work together to reveal your potential, talents, intuition, and creativity as keys to overcoming those issues and creating a meaningful life. We will then explore the relevant areas of life such as relationships, career, vocation, etc.  

2. Compass for singles. For individuals struggling to find the right relationship, I provide personal coaching where questions like “Who is the right mate for me?” and “Why can’t I seem to attract the correct person in my life?” will be answered.   

3. Compass for couples. For couples battling to create a harmonious relationship, we discuss how you can create a meaningful relationship through healthy communication, intimacy, and depth.  



$111- 90-minute session .


$300 – 3 x 90-minute sessions over 3 months (or schedule at the intervals that work best for you )


$1250 – 12 x 90-minute sessions over 12 months (or intervals that work best for you ) 

I’m currently booking two to three weeks in advance for sessions.

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Psycho-Astrology and birth charts

I studied a field called Psycho-Astrology for 6 years. This is an astrology chart that shows the key to your personality and path.

An investigation into the birth chart allows us to internally reorganise ourselves. With this reorganisation, we are able to get in touch with our core beliefs that hold us back, and reclaim the forces that are unique to us. This results in a deeper personal awareness.

I believe that suffering stems from a false interpretation we give to our life events, feelings, and thoughts. My goal is to teach you how to interpret the reality of your life in a different light, thereby transforming your difficulty into a positive perspective.

There are three direct advantages of reading a birth chart: time, objectivity and accuracy.

  • Time. Carl Jung stated that one hour of reading the birth chart is equivalent to one hundred hours of psychoanalysis. In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t have the time, patience or financial resources to frequent the therapist’s couch. For this reason, more and more people are seeking short-term methods.
  • Objectivity. The birth chart provides a judgment-free personal story. As it is objective, we become aware of our true nature while neutralizing both internal and external voices in our heads.
  • Accuracy. The therapist uses the birth chart as a navigation device, knowing where to go and what points to touch on to get the most accurate and quickest results.


I use Tarot cards as a psychological and spiritual instrument to receive guidance and advice from a higher perspective. I studied Tarot for many years using different approaches, all of which help me to connect with a person’s energy and detect the root cause of his or her specific dilemma.


I have studied a variety of healing modalities over the course of 15 years from Theta Healing and Focusing to Palm Reading, Reincarnation Therapy, Channelling and more.

I have studied through institutions and, as I am a vigorous autodidact, I have also read countless books on psychology, spirituality and healing. Yet the most important thing is that I apply all this knowledge to my own daily life. I can then observe shifts in my life and witness the changes first-hand before advising others. 

How do I differ from other Spiritual Coaches?

There are a few points that make my specific form of coaching unique. Firstly, I am a combination of a Therapist and Spiritual Coach, so I can focus on both old world and new world methods. I also offer practical advice combined with a more spiritual explanation of the consultee’s specific situation.

Below are further details of the specific guidance I provide.

Emotional Focus

I believe that our feelings shape our reality. We can’t just ignore and push aside negative emotions. Even though they are difficult to face, they are a part of us and should be nurtured before being overcome.

For this reason, I don’t follow modern positive thinking trends or visualization techniques, as they ignore the very issues that cause suffering. Instead I focus on connecting people to their abilities to feel and access their distress, so that they can see their emotional patterns intimately, accept them and express them openly.

Getting in touch with the way we feel is the first step to any desirable change in life. This is why I am a proponent of, “You are what you feel”. 

Grounded Spirituality

Living a spiritual life is a healthier, more fulfilling path. It allows us to have more meaningful relationships, enjoy our daily tasks and obtain a general more profound sense of well-being.

However, If you are not grounded and committed to your life on earth, in your body, you are primarily using spiritual theories to escape daily challenges, and that will inevitably result in pain and disappointment. 

For this reason, it is crucial for me to provide practical advice and deliver “down to earth” messages to help seekers manifest abundance in their everyday life. 

Above all, I use intuition and empathic connections to encourage self-healing and prescribe practices to help carry on the work.

Continued Guidance

At first, consultations are a way to find direction in times of a crisis, transition phases in life, career change, confusion in career and vocation, challenges in romantic relationships or in dating.

Using my guidance, consultees are able to connect with their own power in future dilemmas. Consultees then return for further sessions and readings when necessary as a process for gaining and increasing self-knowledge and awareness.

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