When is the right time to let a relationship go?

Many couples struggle with the question of whether they should leave the relationship or keep working on it. To answer it, we need to dig deeper and find the genuine reason for feeling the way we do and only then to make a decision.

One would think it is an easy question to answer; It is evident when to leave a relationship –

When we feel bad about it!

Is that so?

Reality shows that it is not always straightforward to distinguish between dissatisfaction, which can be an opportunity to grow in the relationship, or impossible situation that leads you nowhere.

Many people come to me for advice with similar confusion. I notice that they feel depleted and tired, for their deliberation takes away a lot of energy. First, I try to find their breaking point, at what stage of the romance they usually feel the need to leave. Once they have identified the phase, I recommend taking a deep breath and see if they can “break the record” and run beyond the last finish line.

It is difficult to reach a decision when we are in a state of turmoil and confusion. When we make decisions out of chaos, the outcome will often feel incomplete. So, if you find yourself at a similar point, where you stopped your previous relationship, try to stay for one more moment.

You may discover something new that will give you the answer you were looking for, Worst-case scenario you will find that nothing has changed, then you can decide to leave. Either way, try searching for the new place you haven’t reached yet – a place that will give you information about who you are, who you want to be – together or separately.

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